A Simple Guide to Backyard Astronomy using Binoculars or a Small Telescope

This 55 page guide was written with the complete novice in mind.
The idea is to point out wonders of the night sky and where you can find them.

Clear Skies!

revised Wednesday, August 8, 2007
continuing refinements of grammar and punctuation, and mentions NEOS boots, and the Yukon having a zoom feature)


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The finished project turned out to be very different from my original intention, which was to make some simple star charts for myself that I could read in the dark.  Everything is geared to light polluted skies and the few brightest stars that can be seen on the best night near Washington, D.C.  To my knowledge, all of the information contained herein is in the public domain and is freely available in many forms.  This guide may be freely distributed.  My thanks to all those who have spent the years before me providing public outreach programs and trying to protect dark skies.

Carol Beigel
August 6, 2007