Piano Tuning

Unless otherwise specified, I tune pianos to the standard, international pitch of A4=440 hz in Equal Temperament.  Pianos will go out of tune even if they are never played.  Climate changes and the stretching of new strings can change the pitch radically.  I recommend that pianos be tuned at least once a year; twice a year if a student is taking lessons; within days of each party or performance.

Historic temperament tuning is also offered.  Although these temperaments are not as all purpose as Equal temperament, they do offer a more melodic sound to classical music and can give small pianos a warmer sound.  These temperaments are especially useful if a student is concentrating on a particular composer, i.e. Bach.  However if the piano is used for both Bach and Gershwin's music, better to go with Equal Temperament!

To learn more about how pianos are tuned, or how music is affected by different temperaments, see my article on Piano Tuning and Harmony.

To learn more about the effects of climate on your piano's tuning stability, see Humidity and Climate Control for your piano.

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