Disklavier, QRS Pianomation and PianoDisc Piano Service

I specialize in the servicing and repair of hybrid pianos -  acoustic pianos with electronic MIDI players installed inside. The Yamaha Disklavier is exclusively installed by the factory and most models include Record capability. Both the QRS Pianomation and PianoDisc systems can be retrofitted into almost any make, model and vintage of piano.  They require the same regular tuning and maintenance any other piano needs that is heavily used.  Because these systems are so intricately built into every part of the piano, they are serviced by piano technicians who have received extra training in their mechanical and electronic adjustments.

My area of specialty, as a piano technician, is not electronic pianos in general, but is limited to the acoustic pianos that have these systems pre-installed.  The only entirely electronic instruments I service are the GranTouch models manufactured by Yamaha, the DGT2 and DGT7.

The various player mechanisms should be adjusted when changes occur in the piano due to wear, settling or climate changes, in order to keep these systems working without strain.  As system software updates become available, I install them during a regular service call.  Should repairs be needed, I am experienced in the  replacement of floppy disk drives, CD players, circuit boards, solenoids, etc.

I highly recommend surge protection of these instruments when in use, and unplugging them from the wall outlets when idle.

For more information about getting the most out of using these instruments, please see the section on MIDI Player Tools.

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