Foam Baffles

Sometimes, the piano seems too loud for the room.  The same piano that sounds mellow in a room with thick carpeting, long curtains and overstuffed furniture, may sound "brassy" in a room with an exposed tile or wood floor, no curtains and not much in the way of sound-absorbing furniture.

The most common complaint of a piano being "too loud" usually comes from owners of electronic player pianos in which even at the lowest volume setting, the piano plays too loudly for conversation.  Unlike a stereo system with infinitely adjustable volume control, a piano can only play as quietly as someone sitting at the keyboard can play.

I offer a custom-made baffle system, using a special pour fire-resistant and sound absorbing foam.  A pattern is made of the soundboard area of your piano, and two layers of foam are placed against the soundboard between the beams.  Prices start at $195 and increase with the size of the piano.


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